Cryptyk – digital crypto-currency for cyber-security and cloud storage application

What is a CTK Token?
The Cryptyk Token (or CTK Token) is the new digital crypto-currency for cyber-security and cloud storage applications. It enables enterprises, businesses and individuals to purchase cloud security and storage services
from Cryptyk Inc. These customer purchases drive the CRYPTYK hybrid blockchain engine and fuel the resultant CTK crypto-economy.  The hybrid blockchain engine securely stores confidential files, controls user access, tracks
file sharing between users, and encrypts all stored data and network communications. These security services or transactions are authenticated and processed by a consensus of crypto-currency miners on a blockchain platform,
who also get paid for their services in CTK tokens.  The CTK token is a “utility” token whose long-term growth in value is driven much more by customer transactions than by investor market sentiment.
The CRYPTYK platform and the associated CTK crypto-economy is the first complete, cost-effective cyber-security and cloud storage solution that can be used by individuals, businesses and enterprises a like.
It has the potential to revolutionize the global cyber-security industry by eliminating the profit from
hacking, and removing risk from the cloud. The CTK economy is structured with multiple incentives for all
participants including customers, developers, miners and token sale investors.
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