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How to Verify Your Identity for Bitcoin at Canada Post!

Thanks to, you can now complete identity verification and your order for Bitcoin in one fell swoop at any of the 6,000+ Canada Post retail locations Canada-wide. Here’s how to verify your identity for Bitcoin!

verify your identity for bitcoin -

For starters, you’ll want to create an account with by creating an order with your desired amount, mobile phone number and Bitcoin wallet address. 

The following page is where you’ll enter your profile information like name and address which will be used to generate the .pdf document with a barcode that you’ll bring into Canada Post.

After profile creation, you’ll be directed to the verification page where you can choose between in-house ID verification or in-person at Canada Post. When you select the Canada Post option, will send you an email containing a URL to download the .pdf document with a barcode.

Bring the barcode document with you into Canada Post and let them know you would like to complete identity verification. The clerk will scan the document, which loads your profile, and they’ll cross-reference the information on your government-issued photo ID and proof of residence document to confirm a match. Revisit the verification page and check the box to confirm you have completed verification.

Now that you are verified you can complete an order with any payment method but since you are already at Canada Post you can fund your account with Cash or Interac Debit card through their service agreement with the Loadhub payment network.

How to Pay for Bitcoin While at Canada Post?

       1. Start an order on by selecting the “Cash or Debit” payment method and enter your desired amount, mobile                       phone number and Bitcoin wallet address. 

       2. The following page will give you the option to download a .pdf document with QR code for you to present on your mobile                  device at Canada Post.


       3. Advise the Canada Post clerk you would like to make a payment using the Loadhub Payment Network and present your QR             code for them to scan. If you are using your mobile device make sure the brightness is turned up. 

Tip: If the clerk is not familiar with this option, let them know it’s the same system and payment network their customers use to fund their account or make payment to the CRA and all they have to do is scan the QR code and the system will guide them through the next steps. 

       4. Inform the Canada Post clerk of the amount you would like to add to your account balance. You can add between $50 –                      $2,500 to a maximum of five transactions at $500 each. 

       5. Complete the transaction with Cash or Interac Debit card. Within 10 minutes, you will receive an email notification                            advising that the funds are posted to your account balance and to proceed with your pending order or create a                   new one to complete your purchase of Bitcoin.

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How to Verify Your Identity for Bitcoin at Canada Post!
How to Verify Your Identity for Bitcoin at Canada Post!

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